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We believe we have the World's best gold calculators, silver calculators, platinum calculators, and palladium calculators. Our melt value calculators determine the market value of the precious metal inside your bullion, coins, jewelry, or kitchenware.

  • All things melt value on a single web page for each precious metal - a standard melt value calculator along with lists of scrap prices, bar prices, and coin prices
  • 13 live currencies with live gold price, live silver price, live platinum price, and live palladium price
  • 153 non-live currencies that are updated every hour
  • Metric and imperial weight units available - price per gram (g) and price per troy ounce (toz)
  • Multiple purity options in percentage, fineness, and common types (such as karat (K) for gold and sterling silver for silver)
  • Useful information on how to determine melt value, including hallmarks and testing the purity
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  • Our mission is to help precious metal buyers and sellers calculate melt value.
  • Our vision is to be precious metal buyers and sellers first choice when calculating melt value.
  • Our values are to provide a free, reliable, and independent source information for calculating melt value.

What is Melt Value?

The definition of melt value is the value of the metal found inside the item, such as bullion, coins, jewelry, or kitchenware. The vast majority of the melt value is derived from the precious metal component of the item - the rest is made up of much cheaper ferrous (iron) metal and base metals. The melt value may also be called intrinsic value.

How to Calculate the Melt Value

This website contains calculators that can assist you in determining the melt value of an item by doing the calculation for you.

  • Thoroughly check the item - confirm genuine and purity via hallmarks or tests.
  • Weigh the item - This website uses grams (g) or troy ounces (toz). (1 toz = 31.1035 g)
  • Perform calculation - Either manually using a calculator or using the melt value calculators on this website

Firstly, you need to ensure that the total mass and the price of precious metal quote you are using both use the same mass unit of measurement. The most common mass units of measurements for calculating melt value are troy ounces (toz), grams (g), or kilograms (kg). If they are not both the same, use one of the conversion factors (listed in last pane) to ensure consistency between the mass units.

Melt Value Calculation Requirements

The most popular website for obtaining precious metal prices is Kitco. Our sister website, PMTrend also contains Kitco charts with live prices. Precious metals are traded in United States dollars (USD) and this is the most commonly quoted price for precious metals. If you want to calculate melt value in a different currency to the price of your precious metal quote then you will need to convert currencies. The easiest way to do this is to use a on-line currency converter to determine the exchange rate between the two currencies.

Melt Value Calculation Optional Requirements - Exchange Rate


Difference between Melt Value and Spot Price

Precious metals, like most commodities, are traded on an international open-market where buyers and sellers determine a market value for the commodity. The price the buyer is willing to pay for the commodity is called the bid price; vice versa, the price the seller wants to sell for is the ask price. The difference between the bid and the ask price is called the spread - this is usually very small relative to the price of the commodity. The price the commodity sells for is called the market value. The melt value is the market value of the metal.

Difference between Market Value and Melt Value

The market value is the value of the item in a marketplace - depending on the item it may fetch a premium over the melt value (the value of the metal).

Coin's Legal or Face Value

Legal tender coins have a legally defined monetary value relative to other units of currency. If the coin contains precious metals and is relatively old, it's melt value is likely worth much more than its face value. However, the opposite is true for newer, bullion collector coins.

Recommendations for Melt Value Buyers

Be careful to not buy fake items. Since fake items contain little or no precious metals their value is significantly lower than the real equivalent. Do your due diligence, thoroughly check the item, look for hallmarks and maker marks, and, if appropriate, do tests to confirm metal content. After you are satisfied the item is real, use the melt value calculator to determine melt value and start the negotiation with the seller. Hone your negotiation skills, effectively speak and listen, reduce any misunderstandings, and be assertive.

Recommendations for Melt Value Sellers

Do your research - use the melt value calculators on this website, know how much your item's melt value is worth, go to multiple potential buyers, and negotiate for the best price with the most appealing buyer. On the flip side, be realistic, the buyer is running a business and needs a profit motive to make it worthwhile buying your item; hence do not expect offers of 100% of the melt value of the item.

Recommendations for Branded Items

Branded items, such as Tiffany & Co jewelry, may be worth more than the melt value of the precious metals inside. Do your research and look for alternate marketplaces for selling branded items.

Recommendations for Diamonds and Precious Stones

Consult with a jewelry professional or a gemologist to determine their value.

Recommendations for Antiques

Get the item appraised by an expert. If you wish to sell, investing in a "certificate of authenticity" to confirm to potential buyers they are buying a genuine item or a "valuation certificate" to have a expert's indicative value for the item may help sell the item.