Tailored Marketplaces for Used Jewellery

Every year
quality used jewellery
gets melted down ...

According to the World Gold Council, around 25% of the world gold supply comes from recycling; around 90% of this comes from jewellery.

We believe this is too much.

We believe a lot of quality used jewellery is being melted down.


gold refining

Buying used jewellery is difficult

We believe this is a contributing factor for why vast amounts of quality used jewellery gets melted down.


How can buyers trust sellers?


There are many small retailers.


There is a lack of understanding of the difference between the value of the metal and the value of the jewellery.


Each retailer has a limited and ever-changing selection to choose from.


Many retailers are geographically isolated from one another.


It is difficult to compare choices between retailers.


Browsing each retailer's stock is time consuming.

Online presence

Many smaller retailers do not advertise their existing stock online.

The solution

scrap gold

Tailored marketplaces for used jewellery

We want to make buying used jewellery easy.

Our solution is a win-win for buyers and sellers of used jewellery.

Benefits for buyers

With us, you can buy quality used jewellery less expensively than if you were to buy new from traditional retailers.


Only trusted businesses can list on our marketplaces.


For solid gold jewellery, see the price of the jewellery relative to the value of gold.


Many sellers on a single platform.

It's easy to compare products and prices.

Online shopping

The convenience of online shopping.

Save time and money.

Benefits for sellers

Do you cringe at the thought of melting down saleable stock?

Add value to existing and new stock by selling on the used jewellery market.

Businesses we wish to list on our marketplaces, include:

  • Pawnbrokers
  • Gold buyers
  • Second-hand shops
  • Antique stores

Only registered businesses can list their products; this promotes trust in the sellers on the marketplace and the products they are selling.

Marketplace #1

Melt Value Marketplace

This marketplace is for solid gold jewellery.

More Info

This marketplace operates on a commission model.


View the jewellery price relative to the real metal value inside the jewellery.

Online shopping

100% conveniently online.

Free to list

There is no cost trying to sell on the used jewellery market.


Only applies when a successful transaction occurs.

Marketplace #2

Too-Good-to-Melt-Down Marketplace

This marketplace consists of online classifieds for used jewellery.

More Info

This marketplace operates on a subscription model.

Other metals

  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Base metals

Diamonds and gemstones

  • Diamonds
  • Precious stones
  • Semi-precious stones
  • Ornamental stones

Online component

Advertisement of stock and associated prices.

Offline component

See the jewellery before making a purchasing decision.

The transaction occurs offline.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a list of pre-emptive frequently asked questions.


What is melt value?

When a metallic item is melted down and separated into its component metals, the value of the metals is called the melt value.

Melt value is a generic term used in the metal recycling industry.

Calculating melt value is hard

That is why we created a series of melt value calculators to help people to easily calculate melt value.

The melt value calculators automatically do weight conversions, currency conversions, and perform all the necessary calculations.


A generic melt value calculator.


Scrap melt value calculator.


Bullion melt value calculator.


Coin melt value calculator.

Help us succeed

Help us succeed

This website is proudly made in Perth, Western Australia.

I have participated in the PlusEight six week pre-accelerator program called Sprint.

The marketplaces are scheduled to roll out in Australia in mid-2019.

International expansion is then scheduled for 2020 and beyond.

Businesses selling used jewellery

If you are interested in keeping up to date with marketplace developments, please contact us.

Capital raising

We are aiming to raise capital in 2019.

Working capital will help fund a successful rollout of the marketplaces. We wish to incentivise businesses with fee-free trial periods to facilitate marketplace seeding. We also expect to need paid advertising and marketing campaigns to gain market share.

Learn more about the size of the market we are trying to capture.

If you are interested in investing, please get in touch.

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