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Helping you calculate melt value

We believe we have the World's best melt value calculators to help you calculate melt value.

  • Our mission is to help precious metal buyers and sellers calculate melt value.
  • Our vision is to be precious metal buyers and sellers first choice when calculating melt value.
  • Our values are to provide a free, reliable, and independent source of information for calculating melt value.
  • Melt Value Calculators

  • The melt value calculators give you the melt value based on the weight, purity and currency.

  • Scrap Melt Values

  • The scrap melt values provide a list of melt values per gram for common purities.

  • Bullion Melt Values

  • The bullion melt values provide a list of melt values per unit of common weights based on a user-defined purity.

  • Coin Melt Values

  • The coin melt values provide a list of melt values per coin grouped by a selection of countries.

Why our melt value calculators are better

  • All the well-known precious metals - gold, silver, platinum, and palladium all on one website.
  • One-stop shop - a melt value calculator and scrap, bullion, and coin melt values in one convenient web page for each of the precious metals.
  • More currency options - 13 live currencies as well as 153 currencies that are updated every hour.

Advice for melt value buyers

  • Know how to distinguish real from fake.
  • Use the percentage of melt value feature to determine a fair offer.
  • Understand the potential markets and margins.
  • Know when the market value is greater than melt value.

Advice for melt value sellers

  • Calculate the melt value
  • Get offers from multiple buyers
  • Be realistic - Do not expect 100% melt value

Worth more than melt value

The market value will likely exceed the melt value for the following items:

  • Coins
  • Luxury brands
  • Diamonds and precious stones
  • Antiques