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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Helping answer questions about our marketplaces

Why the melt value marketplace includes only gold?

  • Comparatively, silver is low in value.
  • The platinum and palladium markets are much smaller and have less liquidity.

Why our marketplace is better than other marketplaces?

Put simply, the answer is trust in the marketplace.

With both our marketplaces, only registered businesses can list on them.

This is to ensure trust in the sellers on the marketplace and the products they are selling.


Gold-buying businesses have experience in handling gold, and an important part of their job is to verify that the gold is authentic. If they cannot do this, they won't be in business long!

They often have expensive x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysers which use x-rays to determine the chemical composition of the product they are purchasing. Popular brands include the Thermo Fisher Scientific Niton series and OLYMPUS GoldXpert.

Trust the expertise of gold-buying businesses to ensure that the product is authentic.

Stolen goods

In many jurisdictions, gold-buying businesses require a second-hand dealers license.

This often requires:

  • Identification checks for people selling the gold.
  • Holding periods for stock.
  • Lodging stock with local law enforcement.

Don't risk buying stolen goods!

Why should gold-buying businesses list on our marketplaces?

Some gold-buying businesses may already use generic marketplace and/or have their own website advertising stock.

Here are some reasons why you should also consider listing on our marketplaces:

Omnichannel marketing

Listing the same item on multiple marketplace increases your chances of making a sale.

Benefits over generic marketplaces

Your listings are often lost in an ocean of choice.

The quality of other listings may be poor, which may put potential customers off searching too hard to find your listings.

Benefits over their own websites

Creating and maintaining a modern website is difficult and expensive.

By giving us the opportunity to help you sell your stock on our marketplaces, we are in turn enabling you to have more time to focus on your business.

As an aggregator, we will likely benefit from scale to ensure that we get more web traffic and access to potential customers than any individual business website.

Specific target market

We focus on used jewelry and will therefore likely have a very specific target audience coming to our website.

Tailored features

Our marketplace will have tailored features useful for buyers and sellers of used jewelry.


If you have any issues, we can offer support and rectify your problems quickly and efficiently.